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Planning For The Future: Your Iowa Estate Planning Team

At the office of McMahon, Stowater, Lynch & Laddusaw, we bring more than 120 years of combined legal experience to individuals throughout northwest and north-central Iowa.

Our firm was formed in 2010, when two long-standing firms joined forces. One of our partners has more than 50 years of practice experience, and we have second- and third-generation attorneys at our firm. We bring our extensive experience and team-minded approach to bear on every case.

Our Estate Planning and Probate Practice

We offer comprehensive services in estate planning and probate administration and can help you and your family establish an effective estate plan. We regularly work with executors and administrators who need assistance settling the estate of a loved one.

When you hire us to assist you with your estate planning, we start by gathering as much information as we can about your financial situation, as well as your goals. We will carefully explain the different strategies you can employ to meet your objectives, including the use of wills or trust, the re-titling of assets to avoid probate, and lifetime gifts. We will make certain you understand the tax implications of each approach. Once you have determined how you want to proceed, we will prepare and execute all documents necessary to put your plan in place, including wills and trusts.

When executing a will or trust agreement, as part of your global estate plan, we often set up durable and general powers of attorneys, to ensure you are in good hands in the event something were to happen to you.

Estate Planning


Your Role And Tasks When You Are An Executor

If you have been named as an executor or administrator of the estate of a loved one, we will help you complete all the steps necessary to close the estate. We will help you get officially appointed to handle the estate and will assist you with all matters, including:

  • The preparation and filing of an accounting of the assets of the estate
  • The notification of all creditors and other interested parties
  • The valuation of estate assets, if necessary
  • The preparation, filing and payment of estate or inheritance taxes
  • The payment of all final debts and expenses of the estate
  • The orderly distribution of assets in accordance with the provisions of the will

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We provide a confidential consultation to every client. To schedule an appointment with an experienced Algona estate planning attorney, contact our office by e-mail or call us at 888-571-6584. We are open during traditional business hours and will set up an evening or weekend meeting upon request.

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