Providing Practical Solutions

Experienced Guidance In Mergers And Acquisitions

When buying or selling an existing business or transitioning a business to an apprentice or family member, you want to make sure you understand both your potential liabilities and your growth potential.

At McMahon, Stowater, Laddusaw & Buske, we can guide you through the process of forming a new business partnership or broadening your business ownership.

Types Of Businesses We Advise

We offer sound legal counsel to a wide variety of businesses types: from farm-related businesses to convenience stores, fast-food franchises, telecommunications and more.

At McMahon, Stowater, Laddusaw & Buske, we have decades of corporate-focused legal experience helping sole proprietorships, partnerships and family-owned businesses including LLCs.

Your Firm For Complex Business Transactions

When buying or selling a business it is common for real estate to be part of the transaction, whether a storefront or warehouse, our firm can help you navigate through the real estate process. We have extensive experience with local zoning, ordinances, flood plains and environmental impact studies. In addition to purchase agreements, we can help with:

  • Business succession
  • Tax planning and strategy regarding leasing versus buying
  • Property depreciation
  • Business formation
  • Venture capital investments
  • Nondisclosure agreements between buyers and sellers
  • Salary structure agreements and disability structure agreements
  • Escrow
  • Litigation

Contact Us When It’s Time To Buy, Sell Or Transfer Real Estate

For a confidential appointment with an experienced merger and acquisitions attorney in Algona, contact our office by email or call us toll-free at888-571-6584. We understand that some meetings must take place outside of regular business hours and have flexible schedules that allow for this.